Sunday, 28 February 2016

Bread Gulab Jamun recipe in hindi video from Meri chant saheli

Today for my friends and readers I will share some interesting dessert recipe. We all like desserts and we all want to share it with our family and friends.

This is a very easy and fast ready to eat recipe. Here at meri chant saheli we are trying to make most out of the video and try to give you the important information. For making bread gulab jamun you need 1.5 cup or 300 gms of sugar to make sugar syrup and 1.5 cup of water (heat till sugar is completely melt and and we will boil it for 5 mins)

12 white breads without corners or border and then we will crush it in mixxi to make bread crumps

now to the above mixture we will add some ghee and mix it well with the above bread mix

(we will make one cup of viscous milk for making dough of the bread) and for making milk very thick we have boil 2 cups of milk untill it become 1 cup )

After dough is ready we will put the dough aside for 10  mins so that it raised up

Kaaju and Badam can be chopped very small in size and sprinle choti elaichi powder

Bread Gulab Jamun from Meri chant saheli
Bread Gulab Jamun from Meri chant saheli


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